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Ugly Monkey-faced Piglet Photo

Ugly Monkey-faced Piglet Picture – A monkey-faced piglet was born in Henan Province, China.The piglet has a long nose, two big eyes and long hinder legs.

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Dr. Phil
Video:Fat Kid Slap Mother On Dr. Phil Show

A chubby kid recently slapped his mother,on an episode of CBS’ Dr. Phil’s show.This is crazy,funny and scary, all at once.You can watch the video clip,after the jump.

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Dalai Lama
Does the Dalai Lama ever get angry?

This is a fake interview of the Dalai Lama.The parody was done by Newstopia.
You can watch it after the jump.

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Obama girl
Hillary! Stop the attacks! Love, Obama Girl Video

Obama girl is back with a new video. You can watch it after the jump.

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Master Maurice
Rap Master Maurice “The Insane Vote For McCain” Video

Rap Master Maurice decided to go political in this election year.Maurice did a crazy song called “The Insane Vote For McCain”.You can watch the video,after the jump.

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